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Polycraft Cyanoacrylate CA800 Activator - 200ml Aerosol

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Polycraft CA800 should be applied to the area to be bonded by spraying. Wait for the solvent carrier to evaporate (normally 10-30 seconds). Apply the Polycraft Cyanoacrylate to the part to be bonded and assemble. CA800 has an on-part life of approximately 1 hour, if parts are not assembled within one hour it should be reapplied.

Alternatively assemble parts using Polycraft Cyanoacrylate then spray exposed bond joint with CA800 to cure adhesive instantly.

The speed of the cure with activator will depend on the substrates being bonded and the adhesive grade. 


On Demand curing of Polycraft Cyanoacrylates. Especially suited on slower high viscosity Polycraft Cyanoacrylates 600. Can be used to fillet cure Polycraft Cyanoacrylates and cure adhesive outside the joint


  • Low risk of staining uPVC plastic
  • Cures off Polycraft Cyanoacrylate in adverse conditions
  • Sets cure off in seconds

May cause discoloration if used excessively.

Technical & Safety Sheets

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