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Roller Frames + Sleeves

Rollers: Rollers are used to remove air bubbles and consolidate multiple GRP laminate into an integral structure. The use of these metal rollers also reduces over wetting of the GRP laminate which helps to save money and time

Frames & Sleeves: Simple push fit sleeves used to aid application of both gelcoat and resins.  

13 Items
Roller Tray, Frame & 5pk Sleeve Set
SilverLine Twist Lock Extension Pole
100mm (4'') Longhair Roller Sleeves
100mm (4'') Foam Roller Sleeves
100mm (4") Foam Roller Sleeves
£1.20  -  £10.00
100mm (4'') Shorthair Roller Sleeves
150mm (6'') Longhair Roller Sleeves
150mm (6'') Short Hair Roller Sleeves