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Brilliant introduction to resin casting
16 November 2023  |  Matt

I looked at a few casting starter kits, this one was a good price and seemed more serious than some of the hobby kits. The item arrived quickly and securely packed. This was my first resin casting and silicone moulding experience and I am amazed at the results I am getting already. My very first mould and cast gave great results. I simply followed the instructions. I'm casting a small replacement guitar logo in 3D relief. I made the right product choice – brilliant!

Glassing up
13 October 2023  |  Duckworth

Very easy to use as it is quite thin so very little air gets trapped good product.

The absolute worst possible airdry clay you can buy
21 June 2022  |  Curtis

Garbage. Anything you make is guaranteed to crack to hell and back. Try to carve it when not wet and it crumbles like a dry cracker. Give it to kids to use, as the product description suggests are its target customers and you'll have to explain why every single thing make with it will be destined for the rubbish bin. You'll do just like me and chuck away the bulk of it and never ever buy it again. Absolute rubbish.

Mb polyester pigments
04 July 2021  |  Torsten

Used to hunt these pigments in wide variety of colours throughout the UK to find them in NI
Finally a supplier who got them all made by a small UK manufacturer
very consistent in colour and incredible fast deliver at very good prices

Bathing beauty
26 April 2021  |  Phil

I bought an acrylic bath, and was shocked at how flimsy the sides felt. With it standing on end, and against the sunlight from the window, light could be seen through it in several places, including around the plughole. Since a reviewer on the Wickes site complained about their bath splitting, I decided it would be a good idea to get a fibreglass kit and beef it up a bit.
I bought the kit from MB 6 months ago, but I have only just 'got round to doing it'. I was shocked when I read the specs, because I didn't realise that it has such a short shelf life. However, it mixed up well and went on a treat, with more than enough working time. As well as the substantial FG sheet supplied, I used some FG jointing tape. It looks brilliant - better than the original dull beige colour. Pity that the bath panel will obscure it from admiring eyes. And all for ten quid. (Yes, I did take the bath back out before I did it . . . )

10 April 2021  |  Scott

This is a great resin! Mixes well and has a great consistency. This is my go to resin. And service is always spot on!

Mould Casting
13 November 2020  |  Alan

I have used other putty and resins for casting ...But for ease of use and quality moulding I must recommend this silicone putty
It moulded together easy, it shaped easy it cast easy and using QL2133 resin made the job a pleasure...

10 October 2020  |  Antonia

Ive been using Epolam 2017 for a while now for sheathing and fairing the topsides of my boat. I am so impressed that I had to write this review. This Epoxy is amazing! I would say that it is, in many ways better than West System. The standard hardener that is supplied is a medium slow hardener that gives plenty of pot life even on relatively hot days so gives plenty of time to get a really good finish thereby saving time when fairing. This also means that waste is kept to a minimum. Using 280gsm Woven Roving helps this Epoxy go a very long way indeed. Mixed with Colloidal Silica it makes a wonderful filler that is extremely workable, in part due to the long pot life. I live on my boat and work in the Marine repair industry. I now use this Epolam Epoxy for all of my work. Couple this with the excellent service, price and quick delivery offered by MBFibreglass and you really cant go wrong. I thoroughly recommend this Epoxy!

excellent service and product
28 June 2020  |  Anca

Excellent service- my order arrived 5 days earlier than the stated delivery day and the product is also of high quality. It is the first time using silicon rubber and I found it to be very easy to use and it also cures fairly fast. The shape of the containers though (2 kg) makes it a bit difficult to get all the silicone out when it is little left in it. But that won't stop me from ordering it again and highly recommending this product.

Awesome for woodturning
26 April 2020  |  James

This is my favourite resin for hybrid wood/resin woodturning projects. The slow set means it can be deep poured and it gives consistent results. The wood must be very dry as with all resins. I have used this in several of my Jimson’s Stuff Youtube videos. It is crystal clear and will polish up like glass.

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