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Polycraft Cyanoacrylate 400 - Medium Viscosity Glue - 50g

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Poly craft 400 is an ultra fast setting medium viscosity ethyl cyanoacrylate modified adhesive, Specifically formulated for bonding metals, paper, plastics, rubber, wood and other common substrates including porous surfaces.

Curing Substrates

The speed of cure will vary according to the substrates to be bonded. Acidic surfaces such as paper or leather will have a longer curing time that most plastics or rubbers. Low surface energy plastics such as polyethylene / polypropylene require a promoter to aid adhesion.

Gap Filling

Poly craft adhesives give best results on close fit parts. Applied in a thin line to ensure rapid polymerisation and a strong bond. Excessive sized gaps will result in a slower cure speed. Poly craft CA700 / CA800 activator sprays may be used to greatly increase the cure speeds.


Polycraft CA700 / CA800 activator sprays can be used in conjunction with the Polycraft 400 for accelerated cure speeds. Speeds of less than 2 seconds can be obtained. Bond strength may be reduced by up to 30% when activators are used. 
Uncured Material Properties

Appearance  Unit Clear
Viscosity  (brookfield) 100 (avg)
Tensile Strength (N/mm2) 21
Fixture Time (seconds) 3-20
Full Cure (hours) 24
Flash Point (°c) >85
Shelf Life (@5°c) (months) 12
Max Gap Fill (mm) 0.15
Operating Temperature (°c) -50 to +80

Typical Curing Performance

Steel / Steel  <20 seconds
ABS / ABS <10 seconds
Rubber / Rubber <5 seconds
Wood (Balsa) <3 seconds
Technical & Safety Sheets
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1 Review:

Great Super Glue
01 August 2018  | 

Worked well for sticking broken ornament.

2 of 2 people found this review helpful.