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Polycraft OptiCast 3000 Water Clear Polyurethane Casting Resin

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Polycraft Opticast 3000 is a two component polyurethane system which is water clear when cured. Polycraft Opticast 3000 is good for embedding objects or any type of water clear casting, also is low viscosity and UV stable. Polycraft Opticast 3000 is recommended to be cast at depths from between 20mm and 100mm.

  • Water Clear Casting
  • Optically Clear
  • UV Stable
  • Low Viscosity
  • Embedding Objects
  • Model Making 
OptiCast 3000 Unit
Mix Ratio By Weight 100A : 120B
Pot Life @ 25°C 50 - 70 mins
Cure Time @ 25°C 24 - 48 hrs
Full Cure Time 72 hrs
Recommended Cast Thickness 20mm - 100mm
Shore D Hardness 75 - 80
Viscosity Mixed @ 25°C 100 - 350
Cure Colour Clear

Mould Preparation

Before use ensure that the master model from which the mould is made has the exact finish that is required in the cast or finished units, i.e.. for optimum clarity polish the master model to a very high sheen. Ensure that the mould is clean and dry. If the mould is made from metal or resin, use a release agent. Condensation cured silicone rubber should not be used with OptiCast 3000. It may be necessary to preheat the mould to 40°C in order to prevent shrinkage at the corners and sides of the casting.

Resin Preparation
Open both A and B containers and examine for any signs of crystallization, place in the oven at 45 – 60°C if any crystals are observed. Ensure that both components are between 20 – 25°C before mixing. If using pigments, add the pigment to the part A.

Mixing instructions

Do not use paper cups or wooden mixing sticks as these may introduce moisture to the mix which may cause excess air in the cast or cure inhibition. Mix the two components at the correct ratio, mixing carefully to avoid air inclusion and making sure the material at the sides and bottom of the mix vessel is well stirred into the middle. The material may become cloudy in appearance for a few minutes. Pour the material into the mould, ideally onto the sides and in one place to reduce air bubbles

If the casting has thin sections, it is advisable either to use preheated moulds (see “Mould Preparation” above), or to post cure the castings after gelation in an oven at 40 – 50°C for 3 hours. Allow the casting to cure for at least 48 hours before machining or polishing. To avoid distortion ensure that the material does not reach temperatures above 60°C during machining or polishing.

For Professional Use Only - Please ensure TDS and SDS are understood before use, PPE required for use / handling.

Please note: Mandatory training for industrial and professional users is required by 24th August 2023 - Mandatory Training - Click here for details

Technical & Safety Sheets
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1 Review:

Awesome for woodturning
26 April 2020  | 

This is my favourite resin for hybrid wood/resin woodturning projects. The slow set means it can be deep poured and it gives consistent results. The wood must be very dry as with all resins. I have used this in several of my Jimsonís Stuff Youtube videos. It is crystal clear and will polish up like glass.

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Polycraft Opti-Cast 3000

Video from Jim Overton of the popular Youtube Channel "Jimsons Stuff".