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Polycraft Silastic T4 Translucent Addition Cure Silicone Shore A40

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Addition Cure

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Shore A40 Translucent Silicone

  • Outstanding release properties
  • Product cure can be heat accelerated
  • Translucent appearance allows split lines to be cut accurately in block moulds
  • very low shrinkage and good dimensional stability
  • High hardness, but flexible and very tough
  • can be used for high temperature casting applications

High strength mould making rubber developed for prototype design and production tooling, especially for rapid prototyping

Polycraft Silastic T4 Unit
Mix Ratio By Weight 10 Base : 1 Catalyst
Pot Life @ 23°C 90 mins
Demould Time @ 23°C 12 hrs
Full Cure @ 23°C 24 hrs
Mixed Viscosity mPas 35000
Shore A Hardness A40
Linear Shrinkage % <0.1
Tensile Strength MPa 6.7
Tear Strength N/mm 27
Elongation At Break % 400
Cure Colour Translucent

Description :
Silastic T-4 is a two component material consisting of Silastic T-4 base and mixed with Silastic T-4 curing agent. Cures at room temperature by addition reaction. A range of materials can be cast into the cured silicone mould. polyurethane and other reactive resins are the materials typically used.

Note : If no vacuum de-airing equipment is available, air entrapment can be minimised by mixing a small quantity of base and curing agent, then using a brush & painting the original with a 1-2mm layer before continuing with pour.

Inhibition of Cure
Great care must be taken when handling and mixing all addition-cured silicone elastomer systems, that all the mixing tools (vessels and spatulas) are clean and constructed in materials which do not interfere with the curing mechanism, do not use wood and paper mixing utensils. The cure of the rubber can be inhibited by the presence of compounds of nitrogen, sulphur, phosphorus and arsenic; organotin catalysts and PVC stabilisers, epoxy resin catalysts and even contact with materials containing certain of these substances e.g.. moulding clays, sulphur vulcanised rubbers, condensation cure silicone rubbers, wood, paper, cardboard, onion and garlic.

Base and catalyst use universal containers for various kit sizes and are supplied by weight, while the supplied containers may not be full, they will contain the correct amount of both base and hardener according to the listing. At point of packaging and dispatch lids may be taped to prevent damage or spillage during transportation.

Technical & Safety Sheets

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