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Diisocyanate Training

Diiosocyanate training for industrial / professional use

Important changes to the safe use of products containing diisocyanates 

By August 24th 2023, there will be a legal requirement for professional and industrial users to be trained and certified in how to handle polyurethane containing diisocyanates safely. This will apply to the use of polyurethanes with a total monomeric diisocyanate concentration above 0.1% by weight.  Training will depend on the risk level of the use / application, further information is available in the link below. Training must be renewed at least every five years.

ISOPA and ALIPA, the trade associations for the industry, have created a very useful website Safe use of Diisocyanates where you can find all of the details relating to the changes and available training courses. -DIISOCYANATE TRAINING LINK

Industrial and professional users can either follow a self-eLearning training which can be taken at your own pace (priced at 5 EUR per user/certificate) or can register for sessions with an accredited trainer.

Please note: Mandatory training for industrial and professional users is required by 24th August 2023

MB Fibreglass do not offer training, please see link above 

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