Polycraft FC3000 Polyurethane Roto / Slush Casting Resin
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Polycraft FC3000 Polyurethane Roto / Slush Casting Resin

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Polycraft FC3000 Polyurethane Roto / Slush Casting Resin - Cured SamplePolycraft FC3000 Polyurethane Roto / Slush Casting Resin - Cured Sample
Small Wooden Mixing SticksSmall Wooden Mixing Sticks

Odourless twin component polyurethane which is designed for thin sections, or castings up to 20mm thick that require quick demould times. Ideal for use in roto / slush casting, This is a very tough plastic Polycraft FC3000 consists of two parts A & B, after mixing cures to a tough polyurethane plastic

Before use, be sure that Parts A and B are at room temperature and tools and moulds or models are ready to go. Surfaces and air temperature should be at least 20°c during application and for the entire curing period to reduce brittleness. Use metal or plastic mixing vessels and spatulas to avoid introducing moisture (i.e.., with paper or wood tools). Measure by weight, A and B are different volumes, therefore the resin must be measured by weight. Shake Before use. Measure equal weights of part A and part B into a mixing container such as a polyethylene pail. Mix immediately, thoroughly scraping sides and bottom for one minute. Pour mix into mould cavity. Once the containers of Parts A and B are opened, they should be used or resealed tightly as atmospheric moisture contamination may cause foaming of the plastic.

FC3000 Unit
Mix Ratio By Weight 1A  : 1B
Pot Life (25°C) 2.15 - 2.45 mins
Demould Time (25°C) 20 mins
Shore D Hardness 65 - 70 D
Cure Colour Pale White
Mixed Viscosity At 25°C 170 - 230


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