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Polycraft FC3680 Black Polyurethane Casting Resin

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Polycraft FC-3680 Black fast cast resin is an odourless two component polyurethane system which is designed for rapid demould times and can be used filled or unfilled. Polycraft FC-3680 Black can be used unfilled in prototyping and model-making areas, or filled with mineral or metallic fillers in pattern-making or for thermoforming tools. Polycraft FC-3680 Black gives outstanding colour density and removes the need for black pigmentation.

Special Features
• Strong thin sections
• Good thermal resistance
• Excellent impact resistance
• Excellent dimensional stability

Mould Preparation
Ensure that the mould is clean and dry and for flexible moulds, use RTV silicone rubber. If the mould is wooden, ensure the wood is well sealed with varnish and/or wax based release agent.
Resin Preparation
Shake the Part A thoroughly in order to homogenise the resin. For best results, ensure that the two components are at 20 – 25°C before mixing.
Mixing Instructions
When using unfilled, add the correct amount of Part B to the Part A and stir for 30 seconds. Pour carefully in one place into the mould in order to avoid air inclusion. If using filled, we recommend the use up to 200% filler, Aluminium hydroxide for general bulking out and shrinkage reduction, aluminium Powder for higher temperature applications. Large quantities of material, filled or unfilled.
The casting can generally be demoulded in 60 minutes at room temperature. The precise demould time will vary with casting thickness, as thin section units will cure slower than thicker section units. When casting thin wall sections, ensure that the mould and resins are at least 20 – 25°C to facilitate a good cure and reduce the risk of brittleness. To reduce the cure time, the mould can be pre-warmed to 40 – 60°C. It is not recommended to heat the liquid components.

FC3680 Unit
Mix Ratio By Weight 1A : 1B
Pot Life 3 - 4 mins
Demould Time 60 mins
Shore D Hardness 70 - 75
Mixed Viscosity mPas 250 - 450
Elongation at Break % 6 - 9
Linear Shrinkage % < 0.2
Heat Distortion Temp 60 - 65°C
Tensile Strength Mpa 25 - 30


Please note: Mandatory training for industrial and professional users is required by 24th August 2023 - Mandatory Training - Click here for details

Technical & Safety Sheets
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4 Reviews:

Good black colour
02 November 2018  | 

Previously been using the Sg2000 and adding pigment but have now found my new favourite resin.

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Great detail
26 September 2018  | 

I love this resin, very predictable and quick setting, very strong and holds great detail. Works very well in bronze powder dusted moulds.
See me using it with bronze in my YouTube video

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Very Well Behaved
20 August 2017  | 

The more I use this resin, the more I like it. Predictable, strong, very easy to use, happy in any kind of mould, not throwing a hissy fit when the temperature is off by a degree or two - very nice indeed. Wish all resins were like that ...

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Very pleased
29 September 2015  | 

1lt pack used. Vary well packaged and labeled. Product is well pigmented. Found it a lot thicker than the easy flow 60 but i think the clue is in the title. Performed as described e.g measure, mix, stir then pour.

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Polycraft FC3680 Black Fast Cast Resin