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Polycraft FR4 Potting Fire Retardant Black Epoxy Resin System

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Polycraft FR4 potting epoxy has been formulated for good chemical resistance exhibiting excellent electrical characteristics (RoHS Compliant) and high levels of flame retardancy (UL94-V0 Certified). Polycraft FR4 produces a low exotherm during cure meaning it is suitable for small to large volume castings with minimal shrinkage. Ideal as a potting & encapsulation compound.


  • Both components should be in the correct temperature range (20-25°c) for best results.
  • Item to be potted / encapsulated must be clean and free of contaminates
  • Thoroughly mix the resin component separately to ensure no settlement has occurred
  • Use clean plastic mixing cups


  • With care quickly measure and combine quantities using desired ratio with digital scales
  • Mix material together, ensure to thoroughly mix contents until homogeneous
  • Once mixed the material can placed in a vacuum chamber to 25 inHg and allow to degas for approximately 2 minutes before returning to regular atmospheric pressure, if vacuum chamber is not available, gentle agitation
  • Carefully pour and set aside to cure

Curing Times

The FR4 will fully cure over 7 days at 25°c it can also reach a full cure by post curing at 60°c for 2 hours. (FR4 should be gradually brought up to temperature and then when complete allowed to cool slowly to room temperature).

(200g @ 25°C) Resin Hardener Mixed
Colour Black Amber Black
Mix Ratio By Weight 9.75 1 9.75:1
Shore Hardness     D85
Density g/cm3 1.75 ± 0.05 0.96 ± 0.05 1.58-1.68
Pot Life     50-70 Mins
Demould Time     24 Hours
Full Cure Time     7 Days
Viscosity (mPas) 120000 - 160000 100 - 200 25000 - 35000
Thermal Conductivity w/m/°c     0.58

Please read the Technical and Safety Datasheets prior to use. 

We recommend small scale testing to ensure compatibility before using at full scale. 

For best results ensure resins and moulds are at temperature above 20°C before using, using at colder temperatures will effect cured characteristics and may inhibit cure. Ensure moulds are free from dust and other contaminants. Always perform small test before pouring large amounts to ensure suitability. Keep containers closed when not in use. When stored correctly unopened product has a shelf life of 3 months from purchase. Please refer to technical datasheets for further information regarding usage.

Technical & Safety Sheets

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