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Llewellyn Ryland HVD55 EEZ-E-Lite Easy Sand BodyFiller

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LLewellyn Ryland HVD55 is a DCPD unsaturated polyester designed for filling applications. Its versatile chemistry makes it ideal for filling metal, wood and GRP. Its unique curing characteristics are achieved with the addition of 1-4% DiBenzol Peroxide Paste (50% BPO) even at 0°c.

Surfaces should be free from oil, grease or other contaminants, they should be also dry and dust free. In the case of GRP, to obtain maximum adhesion, surfaces should be abraded and cleaned with acetone prior to bonding, particularly if the GRP is 100% cured, resin rich, or based upon waxed resins. HVD55 should be mixed thoroughly with the appropriate catalyst by hand on a clean dry palette, using a flat bladed implement such as a wallpaper scraper. Apply to the job with the scraper / spreader.


Easy sanding can be performed after 20-30 minutes without clogging sandpaper.  Always abrade substrate with 80-180 grit prior to application of HVD55

HVD55 is designed for use with Dibenzoyl peroxide, red catalyst is preferred this shows that the catalyst has been mixed thoroughly though-out material ready for application.

Working Time 2% BPO 20°c 4-6 Minutes
Sand Time 2% BPO 20°c 20-30 Minutes
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