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LD40 Polyurethane - Hard Foam - 50kg Kit

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LD40 is a general-purpose system for use in a wide variety of moulding applications where the foam needs gradual rise. LD40 is used in the thermal insulation of large panels, water heaters, storage tanks, refrigerated containers, behind produce store pressure walls and related double skin applications. It is particularly useful for the filling of large volumes where its gradual rise and excellent flow properties are used to best advantage.

LD40 is a two component, CFC & HCFC FREE rigid foam system which when processed through suitable dispense machinery will produce a rigid foam of approximate density 40 kg/m³ with good compressive strength, cell structure and other physical properties.

LD40 can be processed through all standard foam dispense equipment. The machine should be capable of maintaining the mix ratio at ±2% accuracy and controlling the component temperatures at 20 - 50°C. For small fill quantities LD40 can be mixed manually and poured

LD40 RESIN is a fully formulated liquid mixture. It should be stored in sealed tanks, metal containers or drums.
M27 ISO is a liquid mixture containing crude diphenylmethanediisocyanate. It should be stored in sealed tanks, metal containers or drums.

LD40 Polyurethane Hard Foam Unit
Mix Ratio By Volume 1A : 1B
Mix Ratio By Weight 100A : 109B
Cream Time 13 - 18 Seconds
Rise Time 140 - 170 Seconds
Free Rise @ 25°C Up To 20x - 25x Volume
Free Rise Density 32 ± 1 kg/m³
Cure Colour Off White / Cream

LD40 Foam can free rise up to 20x / 25x the original mixing volume, the example listed below was a mix ratio of 100:109 totalling 50g (24g Part A + 26g Part B) in a working environment of 25°C

In lower temperature conditions the free rise ratio will decrease.

Weight to volume ratio: Example 500ml Kit

500ml Kit Part A is 283g - Part A equates to 250ml in volume
500ml Kit Part B is 308g - Part B equates to 250ml in volume

500ml kit is 591g, so to mix a full 500ml at once at the correct working temperature of 25°C the foam will free rise to roughly 12 Litres, but if it is not used in the correct working conditions the free rise ratio will decrease.

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