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Liquid Latex - Brush On / Dipping Latex

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Latex Dipping Rubber for self-releasing flexible moulds - for detailed castings in polyester resin, plaster and other cold cure materials.

Easy to use - just dip the original model in the liquid rubber then leave to dry.

Use in well ventilated area. Wash skin with soap and water. Rinse splashes from eyes immediately with water.

Please ensure a small sample is used before applying over a larger area.

  • This liquid latex is from quality manufacturer.
  • It has not been diluted and is used by many local schools and art colleges for their students.
  • The latex has not been thickened, we sell latex thickener separately.
  • We are able to offer value latex supplies at a low price due to our purchasing & selling power. not because our latex is of poor quality.
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5 Reviews:

using latex rubber
19 January 2020  | 

when making a latex mould never follow all instructions as some are wrong as i read to dry latex use a heat fan or hair dryer. even though i trust the professionals with respect don't use a fan heater or hair dryer as you will cure each coat of latex you put on resulting in the latex pealing of each coat you put on as the latex will not stick to cured latex and will peel of each layer easy. the nice warm room i agree with but don't use any kind of heat direct let the latex dry in a normal room temp. or have the room warm this will still give you time to apply each coat before the layers cure. peeling has happened to me and others i know of. so i looked into why this happened and found out because i used a hair dryer on each coat of latex result a waste of my money. though latex is the cheaper mould making rubber you still don't like wasting money or latex.

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14 November 2019  | 

Good product good delivery


Great Quality and good value
02 March 2016  | 

Have used latex from other suppliers but have had issues with very watery latex. The polycraft latex gives me a more durable mould that I have previously been able to achieve.

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16 January 2014  | 

Went as a zombie for fancy dress and looked amazing. Use a sponge when applying though as it dries really quickly and ruins brushes.

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Great product
05 November 2013  | 

Used for halloween party , looked super.

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