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Epoxi-Tak 500ml Advanced Spray Adhesive (Transparent)

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Spray adhesive, solvent based, single component, modified epoxy resin.

Product suitable for all methods of production including, RTM, RFI and also PRE-PREGS. It is particularly suitable for placing tissues of glass, carbon, hybrid, felts, release films etc. Perfect compatibility with epoxy resins.

Colour: Transparent
Specific Gravity (liquid phase) approximately 0.8 g/cm3
Solids content by weight approximately 18%
Temperatures using 15 - 25 °C Open time 23°C - 20°C 5min.
Yield approximately 300 g/m2 (second absorbent surfaces)

Shake the can and spray on the surfaces to be bonded. Allow to dry a few moments before assembly. To ensure pieces can be repositioned spray a very fine film. Please test prior to use.

After use, purge the canister whilst holding upside down to clean the nozzle. It is recommended to let nozzles soak in surface cleaner or acetone to keep it efficient. While using adequately ventilate the premises and where possible, operate under extraction. N.B At the beginning of the working day, free the inner tube by spraying a couple of times outside the work place.

During this operation, especially after long periods of non-use it is possible that some of the white filaments will come out. Pressurized container. Protect from sunlight and do not expose to temperatures above 50°C. Do not pierce or burn after use and do not spray on a naked flame or incandescent material.

Pack: 500ml

6 months from date of manufacture for unopened containers (if kept in a dry and fresh environment). The product must be protected from the cold, it is important to not allow the temperature to go lower than 10 °C.

Special Notes:
Further information on the safety and handling of this product is contained in the relevant Safety Data Sheet. The data shown is not binding as absolute guarantee since the conditions of use are not under direct control of the manufacturer, it is always advisable to carry out preliminary tests.

Product suitable for placement in the processing of tissues in the PRE-PREGS, Infusion, RTM and RFI. Particularly suitable to place tissues of glass, carbon fibre, hybrid, felts, release films etc. Perfect compatibility with epoxy resins. The bond is nearly instantaneous and it is not always possible to reposition. 

Technical & Safety Sheets

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