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Material use over winter

As the winter solstice approaches we would like to offer a friendly temperature reminder in regards to the uses of our materials in particular the Epoxy, Polyester and Polyurethane resins and with a small mention of the addition curing RTV Silicones. 

It is at this time of year that we receive numerous support calls in regards to troubles with materials such as: 

  • Excessive bubbles
  • Sticky castings
  • Materials being thicker in viscosity
  • Uncured streaks in castings
  • Tacky silicone
  • Soft and / or brittle resin castings

The vast majority of time these issues stem from the materials not being used at in the right conditions, temperatures should always be a consideration.  As the climate is cooler during winter / early spring it can be much more noticeable and extra steps during processing are required to ensure the materials have the opportunity to cure correctly in order to perform as specified.  

Considerations should be taken as follows:

  • Ensure material components are at the specified temperatures using a thermometer, (please refer to the datasheet).
  • Make sure your working environment is of typical room temperature.  
  • Checking that the mixing cups and mixing utensils are dry. 
  • Ensure your moulds aren't cold.
  • Double check mix ratios, don't get mixed up with by weight or volume (these aren't necessarily the same) 

Generally over the summer / autumn months these issues are less likely to arise as our climate is typically favourable when using the materials (with small exceptions of heat waves etc.)   

As with any process please take care and ensure you read the datasheets on your particular products before use, if you have any queries please feel free to get in touch via email using the contact us button and we'll respond as soon as possible.