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Liquid Latex Profile

Liquid latex is a rubber that is supplied in liquid form. Once the substance is applied it air dries in a matter of minutes to form a sheet of latex on any surface. Latex is a natural polymer which is derived from tree sap, and as such it has a base solvent of water. This means that it is one of the few compounds that are non-toxic in liquid and solid state.

Latex has the best memory of all the members of the rubberfamily, so it has a great ability to return to its original shape withoutpermanent distortion. However, latex is also the most sensitive of all therubbers and is prone to damage by oils, ozone and UV light.

Some of the key benefits of liquid latex are as follows:

  • It is ideal for use in fancy dress, cosplay and theatre in creating custom garments, costumes and accessories that fit the wearer perfectly.
  • Liquid latex shrinks by around 3% when it dries, so when used to create custom clothing it gives the wearer a ‘second skin’ feel.
  • Liquid latex is quite sticky when it dries so it can easily be customised with the addition of glitter and small objects.
  • It is the most stretchy of all the rubbers and can be stretched up to 1000% of its resting length in some cases.
  • Liquid latex is a remarkably strong rubber, even when it is very thin.
  • Liquid latex is widely available in a variety of colours which enables the user to create a variety of effects whether cosmetically or in an art project.
  • It is perfect for use in schools during art lessons for making reverse moulds etc.

Thickeners are available for the latex to increase viscosity for applying to vertical surfaces or when thicker layer application is required. 

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