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The benefits of carbon fibre

Carbon fibre composites are used for numerous applications, we sell twill that is used in the manufacture of sports equipment, aircraft parts, cars and motorcycles to name but a few applications. It’s a well-liked product and always in high demand, but why is carbon fibre so popular? Let’s look a little closer at the merits of carbon composites.

  1. Strength – Carbon materials are tough and strong. They’re durable and hard wearing, manufacture parts from carbon and you know they are going to last.
  2. Weight – Despite its strength carbon fibre is actually very light. The strength to weight ratio of carbon is amazing. Carbon is much lighter than steel and considerably lighter than aluminium so it’s a great choice if you are manufacturing something and want to keep the weight down.
  3. Stress resistance – Parts made from Carbon Fibre are less prone to wear and tear. Carbon doesn’t suffer from fatigue, it won’t start to rot or degrade in poor conditions it’s a long lasting and hard wearing material.
  4. Corrosion resistance – Carbon fibre is durable in corrosive environments too. The composite is good to use in chemically-infused sectors and settings where other materials are prone to corrosion.
  5. Flexibility – Manufacturing with carbon is a pleasure. It’s great for complex shapes and intricate patterns, carbon is a flexible material that’s easy to form into a diverse range of goods.  
  6. Thermal friendly – Carbon fibre materials are known for their thermal expansion properties, they easily cope with thermal stress. 
  7. Dampen energy – Carbon dampens surrounding energy as well, it copes well with vibration and other energy forces.
As you can see there are multiple benefits to carbon, no wonder it’s such an ‘in demand’ composite. Take a browse around our website if you need carbon fibre materials, we always have plenty in stock at MB Fibreglass.