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Stoner E313 Aerosol Release Agent (Ultra 4 Epoxy Parfilm Alternative)

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Stoner E313 (Ultra 4 Epoxy Parfilm Alternative) works very well when releasing gelatine and Encapsulated Silicone appliances from fiberglass, PU or epoxy moulds.

Release Agent
When using Super-Cap Plastic we would tend to combine this with Stoner ZIP ME-301S (Petrolease) or petroleum jelly.

Paintable Release Agent
Stoner E313 Release & Paint is specially formulated as a paintable release agent and anti-stick lubricant for moulded materials such as plastics, rubber, waxes, and similar materials. Allows moulded parts to be painted, plated, hot-stamped, adhesive bonded, labelled, or otherwise decorated.

  • Release & Paint provides a long lasting anti-stick film for fast, easy part removal from moulds and multiple part releases per application.
  • Release & Paint improves moulding efficiency in many processes including injection, vacuum form, and pour cast moulding. Release & Paint is UL Recognised.
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