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Polytek Poly 75-60 Firm Polyurethane Rubber for Concrete Casting

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Poly 75-60 is a firm 1:1 mix liquid polyurethane mould rubber widely used for concrete and plaster casting. Fast-setting, it can often be demoulded within hours.

Poly 75-Series Liquid Rubbers consist of two parts (A & B), which, after mixing, cure at room temperature to flexible rubber. Moulds made with Poly 75-Series products are excellent for casting concrete, plaster and wax. In addition, when coated with a proper release agent, Poly 75-Series moulds can be used to cast various resins. Poly 75-Series Liquid Rubbers are formulated for good economy with high performance and durability.


• Easy-to-use formulations
• Flexible, high-strength mould rubbers
• Reproduce finest details
• Make tough, long-lasting, abrasion-resistant moulds and parts
Polytek Poly 75-60 Unit
Mix Ratio By Weight 1A : 1B
Pot Life @ 25°C 10 mins
Cure Time @ 25°C 16 hrs
Shore A Hardness A60
Cured Colour Amber
Mixed Viscosity (cP) 1200


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