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Pond Lining Kits

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Our fibreglass pond lining kits are designed to provide everything you need to line and fibreglass all types of ponds in all shapes and sizes, we have compiled a list of the most frequently requested kit sizes and colours, our pond lining kits are made-up of of the best quality fibreglass chopped strand mat, surface tissue and Lloyds approved fibreglass resin.

We also offer tool packs at discounted pricing to go perfectly along side our pond lining kits, these can be found from the link and can be purchased along with the pond lining kit or any other fibreglass materials we stock.

Simply put the dimensions into our surface area calculator below and it it will work out the size you require to complete the project, just choose if you are measuring in metres or feet and it will automatically work it out for you.



Width =

Length =

Height =

Pond Surface Area is sq metres

Our pond lining kits are provided to complete a pond with

  • 2 Layers of 450gm Fibreglass Chopped Strand Mat
  • Lloyd's Approved Laminating Resin
  • 1 Layer of Fibreglass Finishing Surface Tissue
  • 1 Coat of Topcoat (Various Colours Available)
  • With or without a G4 tie-coat (G4 offers a tie-coat to different surfaces and substrates)

G4 is recommended by all the major polyester resin manufactures as a bonding primer between polyester resin (G.R.P.) and materials such as wood, metal and concrete. It is widely used by roofing contractors when applying glass fibre roofs. Brush on a coat of G4 to the clean base substrate. As soon as it is finger tacky but within 4 hours apply the polyester resin and glass fibre (G.R.P) laminate.

We provide all our kits with more than enough material to do the project, we allow enough within the kit to offer overlaps and wastage during installation, this being said be very careful during your measurements, for incorrect measuring or calculations can lead to material shortage and you do not want to be short materials during a complete pond installation.

Full Complete Kit Contents @ 2 Layers
Size 450gm Resin Tissue TopCoat TieCoat
2m² 5m 5Kg 3m 2kg 1Kg
4m² 10m 10Kg 5m 3kg 1Kg
8m² 20m 20Kg 10m 5kg 2.5Kg
12m² 30m 30Kg 15m 8kg 2.5Kg
16m² 40m 40Kg 20m 10kg 5Kg
20m² 50m 50Kg 25m 15kg 5Kg
30m² 75m 75Kg 35m 20kg 7.5Kg

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