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Polycraft Clear Polyurethane Gun Foam

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Clear Gun Foam has been formulated for use primarily for moulding and casting applications requiring a good skin to the finished product. This product is widely used within the film prop industry as it enable safe and durable production of props.

Product Characteristics

Polycraft Clear PU Gun Foam Unit
Mix Ratio By Weight 3A : 1B
Cream Time (100g @ 20°C) 15 - 25 Seconds
Rise Time (100g @ 20°C) 2 - 3 Minutes
Demould Time
(Components @ 20°C & Mould @ 35°C)
20 Minutes
Full Cure (100g @ 20°C) 12 Hours
Free Rise @ 25°C Up To 3x Volume
Free Rise Density g/mL 0.15 - 0.25
Cure Colour Off White / Cream

Clear Gun Foam can free rise up to 3x the original mixing volume, in lower temperature conditions the free rise ratio will decrease.

Weight to volume ratio: Example 500g Kit

500g Kit Part A is 375g - This equates roughly to 375ml in volume
500g Kit Part B is 125g - This equates roughly to 125ml in volume

500g kit is roughly 500ml in volume, so to mix a full 500ml at once at the correct working temperature of 25°C the foam will free rise to roughly 1.5 Litres, but if it is not used in the correct working conditions the free rise ratio will decrease.

Technical & Safety Sheets

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