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Llewellyn Ryland Polyester Primer PLQ03 Grey - 5 Litre

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PLQ03 Polyester Primer is a grey, sprayable primer system for plugs and patterns. Due to the filler content and low viscosity, a sediment may occur on standing. PLQ03 Polyester Primer should be re-dispersed using a mechanical mixer for best results.

PLQ03 Polyester Primer is supplied in a ready·to·spray viscosity - however, if solvent is lost through the re-mixing process, small amounts of either Ethyl Acetate, Acetone or Methyl Ethyl Ketone, (whichever is most readily available) may be added at ::5%

PLQ03 Polyester Primer is designed as a primer system for most substrates. However, some
absorbent substrates may need the application of Llewellyn Ryland PLQ01 Safeseal prior to
application of the primer.


Whilst not always necessary, best adhesion to the surface by the primer is achieved by abrading the substrate with 80-120 grit paper. Alternatively PLQ01 Safeseal can be used to seal the surface, in which case no abrasion of the substrate is necessary.

Before application of the primer, ALWAYS remove dust and grease by wiping the substrate with solvent. This practice is not necessary when using PLQ01 Safeseal if the primer is being sprayed whilst the sealer is still tacky.


Due to the filler content and low viscosity of the primer a sediment may occur; for best results, re-disperse the primer with a mechanical mixer. It is important even if only a small quantity is to be decanted from the tin that the whole tin is fully re-dispersed. This procedure must be performed each time the primer is used. Failure to comply with the re-dispersing procedure may lead to application and sanding problems which ultimately jeopardise the overall quality of the finished article. 

On re-dispersion of the primer, it should be of a viscosity that is ready to spray through conventional gravity feed or pressure pot paint gun systems. If however, through the redispersion process the primer has thickened slightly, it is possible to add additional solvent to achieve a sprayable viscosity. As a guide ≥ 5% of either Acetone, Ethyl Acetate or Methyl Ethyl Ketone can be used to lower viscosity, but where more than 5% solvent is required seek advice from Llewellyn Ryland's Technical Department
Please refer to Technical sheet for full information,  This product requires an MEKP to cure
Technical & Safety Sheets

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