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Jesmonite AC730 Flex Liquid

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Jesmonite® AC730 Flex Liquids are supplied as an alternative to standard AC730 Liquids to create laminates with increased flexibility. The Flex liquids are also ideal when Jesmonite AC730 is used as a coating for Polystyrene for external sculpture - the increased flexibility reduces the likelihood of cracks forming in the coating due to moisture build up and thermal movement. The use of Flex liquids also means that Jesmonite paste pigments can be used to create colourful casts for external use**. Flex liquids are also compatible with Jesmonite Flex Metal Gel Coats. Please see relevant Flex Metal Instruction Sheet for specific information.

It is essential to use both accurate scales and a Jesmonite High Shear mixing blade to ensure that the compound performs within its specification. Failure to follow these instructions can lead to strength loss, shrinkage, and reduced durability. Workshop conditions should be warm, dry, and out of direct sunlight. Environments where solvent-based compounds are in regular use should be avoided. Mixing containers should be clean and dry, and of a suitable size.
Jesmonite AC730 Flex Unit
Mix Ratio By Weight 4 Powder : 1 Liquid
Wet Density 1950 kg/m³
Dry Density 1850 kg/m
Water Uptake / Porosity 2.26%
Freeze / Thaw Resistance 300 Cycles (normal max 56 cycles)
Weathering / Durability 1008 Hrs
Compressive Strength 58 Mpa (N/mm²)
Flexural Strength LOP 8.9 Mpa - MOR 23.6 Mpa

NB. When making a chopped strand premix as described in the section entitled ‘Casting’ below, it is possible to work at a ratio of 3.5:1. This Ratio should only be used when adding 13mm coarse glass chopped strands. This method results in a high strength pouring mix that is an alternative to a glass reinforced laminate. In general, the mixture can be adjusted to suit the application or the needs of the end user. Adding a little liquid or powder to make fine adjustments is very useful – do small batch trials first to assess the materials suitability to a particular mould or application.


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