Polycraft 010 - Soft Foam
Size: 750g Kit (500g Part A & 250g Part B)Size: 1.5Kg Kit (1kg Part A & 500g Part B)Size: 3Kg Kit (2kg Part A & 1kg Part B)Size: 7.5Kg Kit (5kg Part A & 2.5kg Part B)Size: 15Kg Kit (10kg Part A & 5kg Part B)

Polycraft 010 - Soft Foam

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Polycraft 010 - Soft Foam - Cured SamplePolycraft 010 - Soft Foam - Cured Sample
Small Wooden Mixing SticksSmall Wooden Mixing Sticks

• Self skinning in a closed mould
• Soft and flexible
• High Durability
• CFC Free
• Easily cut with a sharp knife
• Water based system

Suitable for the production of film or theatre props where a lightweight flexible urethane moulding is required. May also be used for the filling of voids in costume making.
Foam is also popular in grp construction where a light and flexible foam is required.

Polycraft 010 Soft Foam Unit
Mix Ratio By Weight 2A : 1B
Cream Time 27 Seconds
Rise Time 200 Seconds
Free Rise @ 25°C Up To 8x Volume
Cure Colour  Off White / Cream

Poly Foam Soft can be used at 2:1 by weight. This will produce a soft foam. The isocyanate content may be increased in order to obtain firmer foam or decreased for a softer foam. The user must first thoroughly test their chosen ratio before going into production.
Excessive usage of isocyanate can cause hardening of soft foams over time and may even cause excessive contraction of the moulding.

Soft Foam can free rise up to 8x the original mixing volume, the example listed below was a mix ratio of 2:1 totalling 50g (33.33g Part A + 16.67g Part B) in a working environment of 25°C

In lower temperature conditions the free rise ratio will decrease.

Weight to volume ratio: Example 750g Kit

750g Kit Part A is 500g - This equates roughly to 480ml in volume
750g Kit Part B is 250g - This equates roughly to 220ml in volume

750g kit is roughly 700ml in volume, so to mix a full 700ml at once at the correct working temperature of 25C the foam will free rise to roughly 5.6 Litres, but if it is not used in the correct working conditions the free rise ratio will decrease.

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