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Hempel Epoxy Primer Undercoat / Light Primer

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A two component high performance epoxy primer and undercoat for use both above and below the waterline. Use on glassfibre, wood, steel and aluminium. Superb corrosion, impact and water resistance. Use before Ocean Gloss/PolyGloss/Brilliant Gloss topcoat for a long-lasting solution. Can also be used for osmosis protection when application is required at low temperatures.

Minimum Application Temperature : 5°c

Application Methods :

Temp Touch Dry Recoat (min/max) Thinners / Tool Cleaner Coverage
10°c 8 hrs 8 hrs - 60 days Thinners No: 5 8.2 m2/ltr
20°c 4 hrs 4 hrs - 30 days   8.2 m2/ltr

Available Colours* :  

Preparation & Application

Ensure all surfaces are clean, oil free and dry.  Cleaning with appropriate cleaner and rinse with fresh water and allow to dry. 

Previously Coated Surfaces

Abrade, clean and dry surface.  Apply 3 coats of the product thinned 5% followed by chosen topcoat

Previously Uncoated Surfaces

Prime porous surfaces with first coat of the product thinned 20% with recommended thinner.  Finally apply 3-5 coats of the product thinned 5%.  Overcoat with chosen tiecoat and antifouling

For further information on technical and safety information please refer to files provided in the technical and safety tab above

The colour's shown should be used as a guide only due to the varying degrees in monitor colour management

Technical & Safety Sheets
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1 Review:

Great when you know how to use it.
17 June 2019  | 

Delivery from MBFibreglass was next day and entirely reliable.

The Light Primer can be tricky to get a good finish. It is sensitive to humidity and you'll need a good scraper (and bank balance) if you use this in a humid environment. The results when used at above 70% relative humidity are horrible.

The resin component is heavy and on opening the tin it needed a good stir. Allow time to do this - it's important to getting the best out of the product. When you think you've stirred it enough - spend another few minutes stirring – perhaps more than a few.

When mixing with the hardener there’s more important stirring to be done – more active and over a shorter period of time. Once mixed there’s a limited pot life so time is crucial. There’s only one way I found to do this successfully – by mixing small batches (less than 200ml – I found 150ml about right). Larger batches don’t mix properly in the limited time – the heavier resin will sit at the bottom of the tub.

Drying/hardening is sensitive to temperature and keeping ambient temperature above 15C seems to work fine. In Northern Ireland 15C+ can be rare and artificial heat may be needed. Do not use direct heat on to the surface – just focus on the ambient temperature. Using an IR lamp is not advised – it produced disastrous results for me.

There may be a better way of getting the best out of this product and I’d be interested in hearing about it. This primer is not forgiving of errors – when it goes wrong it goes badly wrong – sanding is unlikely to fix it.

Used properly this primer is great. A few basic rules; avoid high humidity, stir well, use small batches, keep the temperature at 15C or above and don’t use direct heat.

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