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Crystic 9293 Polyester Casting Resin - 20kg - Includes Catalyst & Syringe

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Crystics 9293 Polyester Casting Resin

Low viscosity unsaturated polyester resin, low reactivity, pre-promoted to cure at room temperature when initiated with MEKP Catalyst. Features & Benefits

Low-shrink / Resistant to Weathering / Good Air Release / Specially Promoted - Short Gel & Cure Times

All Kits up to 10kg include catalyst and syringe (25kg & 225kg does NOT include catalyst)

Clear pink/purple liquid resin (unpigmented)

Orthophthalic unsaturated polyester
Low reactivity
Able to accept high filler loading
Controlled rate of cure
Controlled shrinkage

Hand pour casting with fillers / Machine casting with filler

Crystics 9293 Unit
Mix Ratio 1% or 2% of Resin Weight
Gel Time @ 25°C 14 - 18 mins
Cure Time

Approx 8 - 24 hrs
(May Vary on Quantity and Conditions)

Resin Colour Pink
Cure Colour Pink
Volatile Content 36 – 40%

This is not a water clear casting resin

Please note - Polyester resins are best used within three months from date of purchase.

Resins in 5kg kits and above, will come in the same container but only in black, this is to stop natural UV exposure and increases the life span of your resin, providing the resin is kept in a suitable environment according to manufacturers guidelines. 

*Although this product is described as Clear, it is infact translucent pink in colour,  The term 'Clear' is a grp industry standard as it is an non pigmented material, This does not create a completely translucent or water clear effect.*

Polyester resins should only be used in a well ventilated area, correct PPE and breathing apparatus should be worn and safety information read and followed. Polyester based resins will have a very potent chemical smell before, during and after the curing process, these resins are to be used within industrial environments and are not suitable for use within a house / home. Please ensure you have read all safety information available before using.

Technical & Safety Sheets

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