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Crystic LS 98PA Clear Spray / Unpigmented Gelcoat - 25kg (SPRAY ONLY) (No Catalyst)

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Crystic Gelcoat LS 98PA is a pre-accelerated gelcoat formulated for spray application. 

Crystic LS 98PA is recommended for use in the marine and building industries. It is also suitable for all general moulding requirements.

Features and Benefits
Crystic LS 98PA typically contains 30-32% styrene when formulated as a pigmented gelcoat. It therefore has a lower styrene emission than standard spray gelcoats. Typically a reduction of 25% -30% can be seen in styrene emission when Crystic LS 98PA is evaluated in static and dynamic tests under both laboratory and workshop conditions. Crystic LS 98PA has good water and weather resistance. It is low in viscosity with excellent air release properties. It achieves good coverage in thin film and does not drain on the mould.

Crystic LS 98PA is approved by Lloyd's Register of Shipping for use in the construction of craft under their survey. It is also approved by the Water Byelaws Scheme for the storage of potable water.

Crystic LS 98PA should be allowed to attain workshop temperature (18°C-20°C) before use. Stir well by hand, or with a low shear mixer to avoid aeration, and then allow to stand to regain thixotropy. Crystic LS 98PA requires only then addition of catalyst to start the curing reaction. The recommended catalyst is a Medium Reactivity MEKP (or other equivalent catalyst), which should be added at 2% into the gelcoat. (Please consult our Technical Service Department if other catalysts are to be used).

Spray Application
• Gently stir the gelcoat before use by hand or low shear mixer.
• Ensure the gelcoat has attained workshop temperature of 18°C-20°C before use. (Temperatures below 18°C will require higher pressure to achieve an acceptable spray pattern and this will encourage porosity).
• Spray at the minimum practical pressure whilst maintaining an acceptable spray pattern and full fan width.
• Apply a mist coat and then build up thickness in long, even passes of 0.125mm (0.005 inch) until the recommended wet film thickness of 0.5-0.625mm (0.020-0.025 inch) is reached. This will minimise porosity and colour defects.
• Stir the gelcoat with high shear mixers as this will temporarily break down the thixotropy leading to drainage.
• Exceed a wet film thickness of 0.625mm (0.025 inch) as thick films encourage air retention.
• Apply excessive thickness in corner areas as this can cause pre-release.

The addition of pigment pastes, or other additives, can adversely affect the spraying characteristics of Crystic LS 98PA. To avoid this, it is supplied in a wide range of colours, which also eliminates the potential for mixing errors. The inclusion of additives can also adversely affect the weather and water resistance of the cured gelcoat. (Pre-Order Only)

Recommended Testing
It is recommended that customers test all pigmented gelcoats before use under their own conditions of application to ensure the required surface finish is achieved.

Technical & Safety Sheets

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