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Polycraft Black Polyurethane Gun Foam

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Black Gun Foam has been formulated for use primarily for moulding and casting applications requiring a good skin to the finished product. This product is widely used within the film prop industry as it enable safe and durable production of props.

Product Characteristics:

Polycraft Black PU Gun Foam Unit
Mix Ratio By Weight 3A : 1B
Cream Time (100g @ 20°C) 15 - 25 Seconds
Rise Time (100g @ 20°C) 2 - 3 Minutes
Demould Time
(Components @ 20°C & Mould @ 35°C)
20 Minutes
Full Cure (100g @ 20°C) 12 Hours
Free Rise @ 25°C Up To 3x Volume
Free Rise Density g/mL 0.15 - 0.25
Cure Colour Black

Black Gun Foam can free rise up to 3x the original mixing volume, the example listed below was a mix ratio of 3:1 by weight totalling 50g (37.5g Part A + 12.5g Part B) in a working environment of 25°C

In lower temperature conditions the free rise ratio will decrease.

Weight to volume ratio: Example 500g Kit

500g Kit Part A is 375g - This equates roughly to 375ml in volume
500g Kit Part B is 125g - This equates roughly to 125ml in volume

500g kit is roughly 500ml in volume, so to mix a full 500ml at once at the correct working temperature of 25°C the foam will free rise to roughly 1.5 Litres, but if it is not used in the correct working conditions the free rise ratio will decrease.

Technical & Safety Sheets

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