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Monofil Bridging Multi Substrate Glass Fibre Filler Paste (Inc Hardener)

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Product description
2K polyester fibre glass body filler to bridge gaps, little holes and perforations caused by corrosion. Designed for car refinish, vehicle and machine construction and marine sector. Adhesion on iron, steel, aluminium, zinc, GRP and wood. Waterproof, high vertical stability, limited sandability.


Mixing Ratio
Paint + hardener 100:2 by weight

Processing conditions
Ensure an adequate supply and exhaust air ventilation. Working temperature must be at least +10 °C. Max. air humidity 80 %. Polyester-based body filler does not cure anymore at a temperature of below +10 °C.

Object temperature 20 °C Sandable after 20 minutes
Object temperature 60 °C Sandable after 10 minutes

Pot life at 20 °C
4 - 5 minutes

VOC regulation
EU limit value: Category B/b 250 g/l This product contains max. 4 g/l.

The substrate must be clean, dry and free from grease. Sand the surface slightly. Remove not cured old paint works and priming coats. Do not apply to thermoplastic or acidic products (wash-primer). Mix well the material with the hardener. Do not add more than 3% of hardener Hardener P! Underdosage or over-dosage of the hardener may lead to spotting in the finishing coat. Before each application clean and degrease the whole surface to be painted. De-rust completely damaged areas and dry sand with P 80/150 abrasive paper. After drying, dry sand with P 150/240. Before applying the filler dry sand with P240/360 to a matt surface. In order to fill nonferrous metals (e.g. aluminium, zinced surfaces), the surface can be primed with a suited epoxy-based primer to guarantee an optimum adhesion. Only dry sand putties.

Technical & Safety Sheets

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