Sicomin SR5550 Epoxy Laminating Resin System
Size: 645g Kit (500g Resin & 145g Hardener),  Hardener: Slow (SR5503)Size: 645g Kit (500g Resin & 145g Hardener),  Hardener: Fast (SR5505)Size: 1.29kg Kit (1kg Resin & 290g Hardener),  Hardener: Slow (SR5503)Size: 1.29kg Kit (1kg Resin & 290g Hardener),  Hardener: Fast (SR5505)Size: 2.58kg Kit (2kg Resin & 580g Hardener),  Hardener: Slow (SR5503)Size: 2.58kg Kit (2kg Resin & 580g Hardener),  Hardener: Fast (SR5505)
Size: 6.45kg Kit (5kg Resin & 1.45kg Hardener),  Hardener: Slow (SR5503)Size: 6.45kg Kit (5kg Resin & 1.45kg Hardener),  Hardener: Fast (SR5505)Size: 12.9kg Kit (10kg Resin & 2.9kg Hardener),  Hardener: Slow (SR5503)Size: 12.9kg Kit (10kg Resin & 2.9kg Hardener),  Hardener: Fast (SR5505)Size: 25.8kg Kit (20kg Resin & 5.8kg Hardener),  Hardener: Slow (SR5503)Size: 25.8kg Kit (20kg Resin & 5.8kg Hardener),  Hardener: Fast (SR5505)

Sicomin SR5550 Epoxy Laminating Resin System

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SR 5550 has been especially formulated for building marine composites: bonding, laminating and wood protection. It has an excellent adhesion to all type of wood. This system is handy with multiple hardeners available. It has a low viscosity and is crystallisation free.

Excellent for bonding reinforcement materials such as Glass or Carbon onto wood.

Suitable for room temperature applications, gives a high gloss finish, a low surface pollution and is UV stable.

  • This epoxy system has a low toxicity.
  • Production of composite structures by wet lay-up method
  • Infusion, vacuum and low pressure injection.
  • Good behaviour on wood impregnation and bonding.
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Low viscosity
  • Fast and slow hardeners

Fast and Slow Specifications.


SR5505 Fast Hardener

SR5503 Slow Hardener

Mix Ratio (By Weight) 100 : 29 100 : 29
Colour Light Amber Light Amber
Mixed Viscosity (cP, 20°C)  1750 ± 20% 1300 ± 20%
Pot Life (100g,  20°C) 30 Minutes 60 Minutes
Drying Time (1mm, 20°C) 2.15 Hours 3.30 Hours
Sanding Time (25°C) 5 Hours 8 Hours
Full Cure (25°C) 7 Days 7 Days

Density (@ 20 °C)

1.04 1.00
Approval Lloyds Approved Lloyds Approved
Glass Transition (Max) 63 64
Elongation (max resistance %) 12.4 13.2

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