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A range of books covering general grp builds and repair techniques to mould making and casting.  These books offer in-depth information, pictures and or illustrations from boat repairs to building theater props

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Advanced Mouldmaking & Casting

Advanced Mouldmaking & Casting£25.00

The scope and potential of mouldmaking and casting is fascinating, and makes it one of the most exciting processes available to today's craftsmen. Its opportunities have been developed and expanded further by a range of new methods and materials only recently made available to the domestic market.

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Fibreglass Boat Repairs Illustrated

Fibreglass Boat Repairs Illustrated£18.00

if you don't have the experience of working withfiberglass, any repairs to your boat must be done by high-costprofessionals or left undone. This entry-level guide usesfull-color, step-by-step photo sequences and line drawingsto present you with the basics in an easily digested form.

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How to Fabricate Automotive Fibreglass & Carbon Fibre Parts

How to Fabricate Automotive Fibreglass & Carbon Fibre Parts£25.00

How to Fabricate Automotive Fibreglass and Carbon Fibre Parts comes from authors who explain the basics of fabricating popular exterior and interior parts and walks car handymen through the process of using fibreglass, carbon fibre, and composite materials to construct a variety of automotive parts for all kinds of cars. From building basic molds to laying up fibreglass parts and finishing parts, this offers a range of fabrication and repair projects and covers all stages of repairing or building functional fiberglass parts. A 'must' for any serious automotive collection.

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Modellers Guide to Mould Making & Resin Casting

Modellers Guide to Mould Making & Resin Casting£15.00

An in depth manual for modellers that takes the reader through all of the practical aspects of mouldmaking, using materials such as latex and RTV. There is extensive coverage of casting, too, enabling the modeller to produce perfect duplicates from their original pattern.

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Mouldmaking & Casting

Mouldmaking & Casting£18.00

Mouldmaking and Casting is a technical manual of the many techniques of this ancient craft and art form. With step-by-step illustrations, it explains the materials required and the processes involved to create reproductions of a range of pieces.

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The Glassfibre Handbook

The Glassfibre Handbook£12.00

This instruction manual answers all your questions, both theoretical and practical, about crafting with glassfibre, or GRP (glass reinforced plastic). It is really a pocket reference for anybody who works with any type of GRP including Kevlar and carbon fibre.

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The Mouldmakers Handbook

The Mouldmakers Handbook£25.00

This complete guide to mouldmaking and modelling is suitable for the artist wanting to cast a bust, the hobbyist making figures for game playing or the workman wanting to make a filler for a broken picture frame. The book covers a wide range of materials such as plaster, resin and silicone as well as the equipment that is needed. Highly illustrated, the book is filled with step-by-step instructions that will guide the user through the process of making first rate moulds and models.


The Propbuilders Molding & Casting Handbook

The Propbuilders Molding & Casting Handbook£18.00

This is the first book to contain, in one comprehensive volume, every moulding and casting procedure of use to the theatre props builder (no matter what his or her level or proficiency). The author demonstrates the techniques involved in using more than thirty different materials ranging from papier-mache to breakaway glass.

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