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Crystic 49PA Non-Slip Brushing Topcoat / Clear Pigmentable - 25kg (No Catalyst)

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Crystic Topcoat 49PA Excel is a pre-accelerated, isophthalic topcoat containing polymeric granules to produce a textured non-slip surface when cured. . It has been formulated for brush application to be post applied to a GRP laminate surface.

Crystic Topcoat 49PA Excel is designed for use where a textured non-slip finish is required on the reverse side of a laminate.

Crystic Topcoat 49PA Excel should be allowed to attain workshop temperature (18ºC-20°C) before use. Stir well by hand, or with a low shear mixer to avoid aeration, and then allow to stand to regain thixotropy. Crystic Topcoat 49PA Excel requires only the addition of catalyst to start the curing reaction. The recommended catalyst is Butanox M50 (or other equivalent catalyst), which should be added at 2% into the topcoat. The catalyst should be thoroughly incorporated into the Topcoat, with a low shear mechanical stirrer where possible..

As a guide, approximately 600-8000 g/m2 of Crystic Topcoat 49PA Excel mixture (depending on colour) will give the required thickness when evenly applied. Before applying Crystic Topcoat 49PA Excel  the laminate surface should have a residue tack, this can be achieved by wiping with acteone and light abrasion is necessary.

Crystic Topcoat 49PA Excel is supplied in a restricted range of RAL colours, this eliminated the potential for mixing errors with small quantities of pigment paste. The addition of fillers can adversely affect the quality of the surface achieved.

Recommended Testing:
It is recommended that before using Crystic pigmented gelcoats, customers test all colours under their own conditions of application to ensure they attain the quality surface finish they require.

Post Curing:
Curing at workshop temperature (20ºC) will be satisfactory for many applications. However, for optimum properties, laminates should be post-cured before the application of Crystic Topcoat 49PA Excel .

Crystic Topcoat 49PA Excel should be stored in its original container and out of direct sunlight. It is recommended that the storage temperature should be less than 20ºC where practical, and should not exceed 30ºC. Ideally, containers should be opened only immediately prior to use.

Please note - Polyester flocoats are best used within six months from date of purchase.

Technical & Safety Sheets

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