Axson Translux D150 Water Simulation Epoxy Casting Resin System
Size: 500ml Kit,  Product: Soft - D15 / A50Size: 500ml Kit,  Product: Firm - D50 / A90Size: 500ml Kit,  Product: Rigid - D80 / A100Size: 1 Litre Kit,  Product: Soft - D15 / A50Size: 1 Litre Kit,  Product: Firm - D50 / A90Size: 1 Litre Kit,  Product: Rigid - D80 / A100
Size: 2 Litre Kit,  Product: Soft - D15 / A50Size: 2 Litre Kit,  Product: Firm - D50 / A90Size: 2 Litre Kit,  Product: Rigid - D80 / A100Size: 4 Litre Kit,  Product: Soft - D15 / A50Size: 4 Litre Kit,  Product: Firm - D50 / A90Size: 4 Litre Kit,  Product: Rigid - D80 / A100

Axson Translux D150 Water Simulation Epoxy Casting Resin System

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Axson Translux D150 Water Simulation Epoxy Casting Resin - Cured SampleAxson Translux D150 Water Simulation Epoxy Casting Resin - Cured Sample
Quick Link Code:  QL5535 Brand:  Axson

Axson Translux D150 water clear epoxy casting resin system, this is a water simulation product and is suitable for floral casting and embedding, it also allows an object to be placed in the middle of the resin without any contact with the walls, with a successive casting to totally encapsulate object, this resin will produce a water clear resin.

Floral Crystal Clear Casting
Floral Vase Water Look
Object Embedding (Various items such as stones, coins and even insects)

Good UV Stability
Self Degassing, Self Leveling
Long Pot Life and Cure Times For Good Air Release
Low And Progressive Curing Process To Reduce The Stress

Please refer to the information and technical datasheet for diagrams of the Shore hardness ratios.

Firm 100/75 is recommended for floral castings, or embedding flowers in a vase for a natural water effect, the firm will level out better to give that water look.

Cured FeelSoft RubberFirm RubberRigid Plastic
Mix Ratio By Volume100 / 100100 / 75100 / 50
Shore HardnessD15 / A50D50 / A90D80 / A100
Cured ColourTransparentTransparentTransparent
Pot Life (Hours) 21°C666
Cure Time (Hours) 21°C727272
Demould Time (Hours) 21°C120120120
Minimum Casting Thickness5mm5mm5mm
Maximum Cast Volume2 Litres2 Litres2 Litres


Epoxy pigments are the recommended system to colour this resin however the polyester range of pigments will also work.   

Epoxy Pigments

Polyester Pigments - Standard Range

Polyester Pigments - Metallic Range

Polyester Pigment - Transparent Range

Please read the Technical and Safety Datasheets prior to use. 

We recommend small scale testing to ensure compatibility before using at full scale. 

For best results ensure resins and moulds are at temperature above 20°C before using, using at colder temperatures will effect cured characteristics and may inhibit cure. Ensure moulds are free from dust and other contaminants. Always perform small test before pouring large amounts to ensure suitability. Keep containers closed when not in use. When stored correctly unopened product has a shelf life of 3 months from purchase. Please refer to technical datasheets for further information regarding usage.

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