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250ml Industrial Grade Acetone

250ml Industrial Grade Acetone
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In stock

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250ml Acetone Industrial Solvent in HDPE bottle.

Acetone is the standard of the industry for cleaning tools and brushes while working in polyester, vinyl ester, and
epoxy resins. It is also the recommended solvent for removing greases and waxes from surfaces which are to be bonded, repaired or primed. Acetone will not remove resin from tools, brushes, etc. after the resin has set. It is not recommended for thinning resins or gel coats as this can lead to added pinholes and premature yellowing. Although acetone may be used as a thinners for resins we would recommend the use of styrene for this purpose. Acetone is a highly flammable liquid and must be handle with the same care given to other flammable liquids

General GRP Work
Nail varnish remover.
Cleaning fibreglass resins (Uncured)
Heavy duty degreaser
Also helps remove fluids and residues from glass and metals.

Health & Safety

We advise when using our products that personal protection equipment (PPE) should be worn, protective clothing, gloves, eye protection and breathing apparatus is recommended.  Always refer to product and material safety sheets prior use of hazardous or irritant materials, use of products without recommended protection may cause damage to health.

Acetone is a highly flammable material, care must be taken when storing and using this material, please read the technical data sheet and safety datasheet for further information.

Unfortunately due to the nature of this product we are unable to ship it with Royal Mail and must be dispatched with an approved carrier.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Can I use acetone to remove false nails ?
Acetone can be used to remove acrylic fingernails. Soak some cotton balls in the acetone then place cotton on finger and cover with some foil. Wait at least 10 minutes and the nails should come off.

Can Acetone be used to clean a polished surface ?
Acetone will attack most types of laquer and polish, we would not recommend using it on such surfaces.

I have heard about a test using acetone to see if a plastic is glueable ?
This is a quick test that gives a result for most plastics. Rub a small area of the plastic with acetone, if it becomes sticky or tacky then generally the plastic is glueable with an appropriate solvent adhesive. If the acetone simply dries off then the plastic needs to be fixed using plastic welding.

Is Acetone safe to use on my skin ?
Acetone is considered safe to use on your skin but prolonged exposure to both the liquid and fumes is not recommended. Should any irriation occur rinse skin with water.

I want to use actone on a certain surface, will acetone effect the surface finish?
Acetone is an extremely strong solvent. It can attack the top layer of many surfaces, always perform a small test on a hidden part of the suface to ensure no damage will be caused.

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